Bypass Comodo Internet Security 2012 5.9, Kill D+ & Sandbox with any config

Target :Comodo Internet Security 2012 5.9.25057.2197
Defense+ : Paranoid Mode
AutoSandbox\Firewall\AntiVirus: Enabled

Bypass: Kill CIS Process and deactived defense+(also can disable sandbox but not achieve in POC)

POC is in attachment ,It encrypted in PGP Desktop .

Comodo staff can require password by sending personal message to me .

the attachment is updated , new pgp file SHA1 is CD7A375475BD33E20C4DD4FF54E9BF7540F816F4
if you download this attachment before Feb 2 7:17 , please download again.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Staff has been informed about this issue.

Can you pm me the password? I will test it in my vm. Is this happening in both the Internet and Proactive security configurations with D+ set to paranoid?

With this post related。
Who can translate Chinese?
《【挑战】长期破COMODO主防产品,任何规则设置 爆破第一季已出》

POC is for comodo staff only

Just being curious. Why not also for mods?

here is the translated version

Google Translate

我是来围观的,google的翻译比较强大也很有意思 :smiley:

You can download this video


请停止滥发与中国这个主题 :a0

Hey, I can write Chinese! :o

Sorry to sound paranoid, but is this link safe ?
If so can someone please host it somewhere reputable instead.

Hello guys,

We have identified the issue and fixed. The fix will be available with the next update in 1-2 weeks.

Thank you very much for the feedback!


Ha-ha , Finally… …
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Egemen, is your honeymoon already over???
I hope localizations updates are also going to be included in new version.

:frowning: When Egemen said the issue would be fixed in the update in a few weeks this could mean having to wait longer ( i will have no hair left by then) for version 6 Beta :'(!.

On the plus side its nice to see the bugs/ bypasses whatever they really are being dealt with.Or could Egemen be toying with us and actually fix the problem within the new version Beta, a nice surprise that will be!!..Heres hoping. ;D


Yes they will be included.

:slight_smile: It will be CIS 5.10 release :slight_smile: But CIS 6 is on the way for bETA. Around end of April i would say.

Thanks egemen for your precious answer and time

Thanks for the heads ups egemen. It shows Comodo as I know it; open for bugs that allow bypasses and fixing them quickly. :-TU