By Relay - how can I solve?

Hi again,

How can I improve the connections? Firewall rules or router port forward ?


what do u mean by ‘improve’ ? u can’t ping ppl ? can’t game over comodo ?

Move closer or get a faster internet connection. :wink:

AFAIK, whether you get a direct connection or a relayed connection is determined by the maximum sustainable connection speed between the two points. The determining factors include (but are not limited to) distance between the endpoints and the internet connection speed of each point.

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I think a ‘direct connection’ is better then ‘by relay’ - I can ping by relay too, but slow.

Tks for answer, but the both sides are in the same city ( Juazeiro do Norte / CE ), and use the same ADSL service connection ( name Velox ) 1 Mbit.

sometimes connects ‘direct’, but not others. Why?

Some configuration in the router can help?

this can be a ips problem. like to many ppl are using internet @ the same time and here u have, lower connections

I got nearly the same problem too. One of my friend connected to the network run into the “relay” problem. Confusingly, we can connect each other via Hamachi without such problem, and using comodo we can connect to other users as “direct”, but only not between us. We have no idea on which side of us is failing.

We are both using a common setup as home router with NAT(all router and win firewall off). We are using the same ISP in the same city, I can ping his real ip replied just 3ms without packet loss.

Is there any official answer on how the mechanism of comodo vpn works? how this relay ip happen or reasons on why the p2p bridging cannot be made? as a last resort, do we need enable port forwarding or putting one of us on the DMZ? Reading the forum is quite hopeless, whenever there’s questions about relay, there will be no reply or cases never resolves.

And, Yes. I understood that when the Comodo server cannot bridge connections between 2 users, it will drop the users to a relay server to make the interconnection route through it(that’s why the comodo client shows “relay”). That will be a slow and nearly unusable connection.

My friends and I have the exact same problem. >:(

Ocassionally the connection will be Direct (~35ms), but most of the time it will be Relay, resulting in horrendous latency (~750ms).

How can we reliably implement direct P2P connections? Otherwise this product is useless for LAN gaming. :cry:

Myself and other users are perfectly competent to forward ports and make other NAT router adjustments as necessary, if only we could be informed.

Can someone at Comodo please publish some support information for this potentially useful product? ???


I still with this problem. Hope answer.

Remobo in test. Some one have this?