buy comodo with paypal

excuse me,
i wanna ask about comodo purchase registration sites.

if i wanna buy comodo with paypal. why i must put my email and my paypal password on there. why not go to my paypal then send money to comodo?
im sorry about this question.

thank you

What was the web site you were trying to buy a Comodo product from? Was it on or on another website? Can you provide us with the url?

Please don’t buy Comodo products through the web site. It sounds like a scam site. Don’t give your password.

Hi EricJH,
Maybe I just missunderstood about put my email with my password. Maybe better you look first this link bellow, then choose paypal. After that i really need your opinion with suggestion about that. If that right same likes my mind. So what is better, put password over there or pay from paypal website. Thank you very much for your attention.

yes this is confusing indeed, apologies.
it is NOT the paypal un/pw that is being asked here but asking you to setup a Comodo account first…

we are redesigning it to be more user friendly.

thank you


Thanks Melih.

I consider myself a very important security flaw here, because people type in their PayPal user and password.

Coming from a security company such as COMODO, it should be addressed inmediatelly.
The logs of access atempts are accesible to COMODOs employees.

This is only a suggestion, since many weeks ago I found myself in the same problem.
Until I realized by myself that it was not the PayPal account access to type in.

According to Melih’s comment in the mod board the fix will rolled out very soon:

When trying to buy a comodo product with paypal, this site still asks for email and password on the order form. It’s really irritating! I’m sure many people enter their paypal account data here, so what’s the meaning of “fixing it very soon”? :-TD As a developer I can tell that this issue isn’t that hard to correct?

Then, after being forwarded to the paypal site for some reason they [paypal] want my credit card informations, even if there’s credit enough on the account. I asked paypal support and they said the payment to comdo wasn’t possible due to security reasons ???

It’s the very first time in 10 years that I have problems with paying by paypal. Mabe it’s because I tried to buy from europe [suisse] but with other US companies it works.

And because comodo has no “forward fund option” to pay - only credit card and paypal are possible - it seems that I have to buy another security suite now :-\

I understand your frustration.

By your last words in your post, I understand you want to purchase COMODO Internet Security?
Which version (Plus, Pro, Complete)? Try this link, where you will find them all, make your selection and still pay with your paypal account.

Or if you are looking for another security product from COMODO, let us know.


I sent a pm to Melih about this. Hopefully that will help to get it fixed.

I’m eager to know, if you offer great protection, why do people still insist in buying Comodo software?

:-La Oh and does Comodo know how many users actually upgrade from CIS Premium to the paid version?

Maybe the OP can answer, it would be great. ;D

They buy it for the extra services that come with the paid versions. Think Geekbuddy, Trustconnect, $500,-- virus free guarantee and online back up.

apparently only small payments can be made with paypal. for the 2 year and 3 year service, it is not possible to buy with paypal.