Burnin` program may be

Can you make something different than security utilities just like one comodo burning studio for example d;o) Good free choise for now is only CdBurner XP Pro, but the version 3.5 is in alpha version from months. Lets make some rivalry (:WIN)

I second that. Definitely.

“Please wait, booting Nero OS…welcome to bloat city” :wink:

And all the freeware I tested (almost everthing I guess) is not really good.


There are many freeware burning programs. It all depends on what you’re looking for. An “all-in-one” or something “specialized”, portability, certain features, etc.,etc.

Imburn has replaced Nero for me.

Very advanced. It just won’t burn audio cds.
This is a very good audio burner:

Other alternatives:
and there are more. No real need for Nero anymore. :wink:

yes i have to cocur a burning program would be great (B)

Thx for pointing to the first to ones user4.
I tried them both (and many others). Don’t get me wrong. There are not bad. Some of the freeware burners are very useable indeed.
And this split across e.g. cdda burning and dvd burning normally perfectly fits into my software philosophy saying to have applications which do one ore a few tasks but this very good.
But it seems burning software seems to be great exception in my mind, don’t know why, maybe burning cdda and dvd is one task for me.

So if comodo would develop and code a burning suite which had the abilities of nero without the bloat I would higly appreciate it.
And for the sake of competeness what I mean wtih bloat is: keep it at one task: burning.
Cancel things like any kind of audio/picture/video editors/converters/rippers/players, no DJ mix module, no backup module, no cover designer and please not another virtual cd/dvd drive. Just burning. CDs, DVDs and for early adopters HDVD/BlueRayDisc.

btw: Just started Nero setup to find things not to include. In the meantime setup ist a 129MiB file + 23.6MiB for help files. Fully installed it takes 941 MiB + help files. This just can not be the right way (IMVHO).


Did you also try burnatonce and cdrtfe? With a total package of about 4\5 MB they can do just about everything Nero does ( Audio, video and data, both cd and dvd) and they do many things better IMHO. Normalising audio using wavgain or compression using Lame, for example. However, they look pretty plain…

How about Nero Lite?

There also is a small program that modifies the Nero installer. You (the user) can select which items should be added. It creates a new, smaller installer based on that choice. But I can’t think of the name of that program right now…

Hi. While your idea is an excellent one, I think many of us would like to see Comodo “everything”. I would love a browser, OS, burning software, etc…lol. Not asking for much am I? ;D My only thought is this, Comodo is dedicated to security currently and doing extremely well. I would think this keeps them very occupied and dedicated to bringing everyone a FREE , secure environment. They have dwelved into burning capabilities though with the back up software I would imagine, so who knows, and as Melih has said, everything starts with a dream. One day we may see other Comodo products hitting the lines. They do look at ALL ideas though, so let’s keep our fingers crossed! :wink:



Yes, at the moment Comodo = security software. And a burning program isn’t security related, so the development of one is not a priority, probably (and in my opinion it doesn’t have to be).

Anyway, I found that “Nero installer modifier” for Nero 6.
It’s called NCAB (Nero Custom Applications Builder) and it will “tame” Nero quite effectively. Or say they claim.

Hope this helps all the Nero fans out there.

Yes, that’s the point but only because I think Comodo is capable to rough up the market in s[/s] any sector. So maybe we should propose a more hard nut to ■■■■■. Design a new CPU and as it fits perfectly, it should have this abilities, only better of course. :wink:

btw: Anyone running the linked CPU? Any experiences to share?


Marcel s’il vous plait :slight_smile:

been there, done there got the tshirt :slight_smile:



OK, now I’m astonished.

Maybe I can say a litte more after hunting down an espresso. :wink:
…another night with 3h sleep. yeah.


Wow, you must be living my life, wanna take shifts? You get 6 hrs tonight, I get six tomorrow. :wink: Coffee on the way!


Comodo started life as a Research Lab responsible of generating cutting edge security both hardware and software since 1998. Only last 4 years we started commercialising our products. So we do have a huge arsenal of products under our belts and some hidden in our sleeves :wink:


I also second that motion. Cdburnerxp sucks ■■■■. plus it conflicts with my CPF.