Burn a CD or Print a Paper

Hi Guys

As we all know, its important to get as many people onto Comodo Firewall as possible in an affort to fight malware.

One of the best ways of getting awareness is thru schools, universities etc!

So, a way would be to burn CDs with Comodo firewall or make small cards (prints) promoting comodo fireall and make it available in the Schools you go to or Universities and ask the people in these schools and universities to further promoto it by displaying these signs on the message boards, doors etc.!

They will be doing their community a favour!

thanks for your help.

Will anyone do this for Comodo? :slight_smile: (Please) (CLY) (CNY) (CWY)

Hi Melih,

I might be starting University in a month, so I’ll make sure to spread the word and promote Comodo in any way I can.


i’m proud to be a user of comodo (:AGL) products . I’m designing a website and i am going to place the banner at the top of each and every page , can i use the banners that are present in this forum . it there exists no problem in using that banners means ok ! 'll defanetly publish the banners at the top of my web page . ( each and every page )

and also ll spread comodo (:AGL) products among students community !!

Regards (:LOV)
Muthusrinivasan :slight_smile:

I’ll do my best to help :BNC

Thank you guys!



I’ll try and burn a few copies of Comodo firewall to a few CD’s and try and pass them around :slight_smile:

Excellent, thanks


Oddly while I agree with this, the actual webpages of Comodo arent that clear about this subject.
I myself consider it a plus to be able to load my memory stick with programs I need for my work (and I can make it not writable so it cannot be infected…) and stick programs on a cd. BUT is one alowed to give these to people who want something different to try… Secondly antivirus: I just installed it on a system and find that it gives me the last update of mid september… There should have been updates since that time! Considering the many worms causing problems not sure how to recommend something which at present I run not connected to the internet…