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this thread was originally posted in the bug section, then move to CIS help. when it should be in the bug section, it has not had the attention it needs because of this. I continue to have crashes, most recent was about 3 days ago.

Hello pazsion

In the post to which you refer you seem to say that you are not willing to fill in a report in standard format.

If you do we will be very happy to consider it.

If not all I am willing do is transfer it to orphaned posts and hope the devs may have enough time to look there as well as in format verified bugs.

Please say what you wish to do.

Best wishes



standard format?

i’ve done this in the past and it did not solve the issue… and i was not able to follow up with what devs needed if any further details, files, or questions or answers were needed of me. Or the people who worked with me. So whatever means of fixing it was lost. these issues and many other stem from that lost info and the ability to communicate and share info without complications and complexities

If i create a thread, this is something i can come back to at any time and read over. and everyone can see it, respond to it, help, or point out things that are not obvious to me. Almost in real-time as it happens…

the debugging tool when i used it last, did not operate in the ways described in that sticky/post/rules for bugs submissions… or did not give enough details for anyone to help with the issues. I’m not sure why or what caused this.

placeing an active thread in orphaned/lost threads, will probably prolong any efforts to try and solve this ongoing issue. I still add relevent info to this thread as it becomes available. I just noticed that no one has looked at the files submitted, no one has messaged me or replied about possible fixes…

I thought this would be corrected with a more up-to-date comodo software… but comodo has recently failed again in a similar fashion. a separate thread was made for this cause there are subtle diffrences and the current version of comodo is being used

I mean no disrespect by not following what you have laid out for your users to follow, but it hasn’t been successful in the past. so i’m trying diffrent things. i just want somone to acknowledge that they know about this. and what priority it is on their list of things in the way. it may be apart of something they are already working on and no one has mentioned this to me. So i can only assume that it’s being ignored. And this is not what i want to happen and is not good for this software, i only want to help improve this software, it is so far the best i have used ever. even with crashes and errors or bugs yet to be found. it has done a better job in secureing things then anything else out there. even paid software… I hope you will continue to have a free version available to home users. If i were rich i would have already donated or purchased your software. whenever i have the funds that is what i will do… but issues being ignored is a scary thing. i’m used to that from other vendors and not the comodo community. you guys have always found some way to be there for us.


We are trying to improve the fix rate for bugs by:

a) making it easier for devs to fix them
b) tracking them in a more structured way.

The improved standard format is part of that.

So if you make a report using the standard format which is here, and completing all fields you’ll likley get this fixed.

Many thanks in anticipation


We would very much appreciate it if you would edit your first post to create an issue report in line with the bug forum guidelines and format here. You can copy and paste the format from this topic.

Best wishes


k i’ve saved the document with the formatted guiedlines,

i’ll try to work it into current threads and future ones…thank you

if there is additional info, questions relevent to my issues, that i can add to remind me that these things are what are important and help you guys out. it’d be great.

but from what it looks like i’ve generally stayed with what this lays out… just i’m all random and scatter brained xD

Many thanks, but I am having trouble finding the formatted report :). Could you please post a link to it?

Many thanks