Bummer for Zone Alarm and Trend Micro (not sarcastic)

Apparently Vista’s freshly withdrawn SP1 casuses serious functional issues (breaks) both Zone Alarm’s and Trend Micro’s Vista firewall offereings and seriously degrade a quantity of others.

Thanks to www.betanews.com for the article.

Do we care about Zone Alarm ? (:WIN) (:LGH)

There is a difference between a competitor and an adversary.

Guys Zonealarm, is a great company and has great products. Their antivirus is one of the best (kaspersky,) and its firewall (in my opinion) is better if not equal to COMODOs.

Its a good firewall! Its outbound may not be as good as COMODO (on standard settings) but its inbound is quite impressive. It thwarts trojans, and some exploits.