Built in RUle



I’m having an issue with Remote Administrator(Radmin) an Comodo. Radmin uses port 4899, which I have created a rule for and moved to the top in the Network Monitor. There is a built in rule that blocks any protocol from any ip, which is at the bottom of the rules list.

If I remove that built in rule, Radmn works fine but if I add it Radmin stops working. I ahve also added the Radmin executables to the Application Monitor and allow them.

I like to leave the built in rule to block all protocols from all IPs unless I specify otherwise but if I do then Radmin won’t work.

Any thought?


don`t delet any rule
make new rule for comodo
from any
target ip of the computer where radmin server work
port from 4899
port traget 4899
rule move as second rule " not as first"