build a website for submitting goodware

build a website for goodware submission, like panda


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I don’t think we will need a website for submitting safe files when we already have valkyrie. Sure, valkyrie is made for getting a verdict and not for uploading files that you already know the verdict of, but it would be better to keep things simple and improve this website instead of making a new one.

People can already give their thoughts of submitted files as feedback but I think one thing to do to improve valkyrie is to add the submitted file to a trusted list if the verdict and feedback point towards it being safe. Another thing would be to make the results easier to read. In virustotal, you get a percentage for how likely something is malware and the results are presented in a nice table that shows the engine or vendor that detected something and what was found from this engine or vendor. Even though valkyrie doesn’t scan with multiple vendors, it would be better to have some of the results more meaningful. What do “Process: Active”, “Auto Result” and “Final Result” mean? What are these AI_Detectors?