Build No download?

Just wanted to know where you get this build (in the bug-report-forum some people are talking about this version ^^). The official download-link refers only to the 3.0.13.xx build.

Or is this a early alpha release :wink:


Hi Timo

CFP build is a Beta build & is available (on request) here.

kk thank you :slight_smile:

Check out the BETA Forum.. Gibran spiilled the beans there with URL


Yes, but Melih agreed on it.

Case Closed.

OK, what’s the catch?
I’ve installed 3.14… then checked for updates… “updates available” WOWww…and successfully …
…reverted to 3.13. ???
I’ll stick to 3.13… works fine for me (except the annoying 6 min initialization issue – terminal services disabled)
Don’t do what I did!


It’s all on the PM/URL you were given…

.. Being a test version, it has the followinng complications:

1 - CFP automatic updater will report updates detected since the official .268. So if updated, the firewall will be downgraded to .268 build.

2 - Firewall configurator does not properly clean windows security center status after uninstallation