buid up a firewall to the linux


Hi forum buddies,
I’m using the kurumin linux which came from a debian and it’s the most friendly operational system into the brazilian portuguese I got to use to navigate at the web. But not only the web with a lot of power functions to be a great operational system. First, I used the live cd, but now I shifted to install it inside my hd.I set it up together with windows xp. Now I’m using more linux than windows. It’s beautiful and very stable. I am wondering around a lot of sites with a better faster connection and a clean system. Thumbs up for the linux. it’s great. I am reading the various tutorials about it at http://www.guiadohardware.net and I joined to its forum discussion in order to learn more about it. I’m eager to learm more and more.Thus, I would like to ask if Comodo intend a firewall to work with linux ? Have you ever tried a linux? You should try it out because it makes the difference!Best regards.



This has been suggested before, and personally I think it’s a great idea, but unfortunately Comodo has a lot on its plate right now (BOClean, CAVS, Comodo Firewall 3), so I don’t think it’s likely we will see a linux version in the near future :’(