Bugs with Truecrypt and Secured hidden partition


First, i apologize for my bad english, i’m French :slight_smile:
Ok so let’s trying to explain the issues :

I’m using Secured Container with Truecrypt ( truecrypt.org ).
Its a single custom file which is required to be Mounted as a removable media to access it.

Once the file is mounted and decrypted on the fly, i attach it to the letter Z:.
That container contains privates softwares that only me need to use and nobody else, but also a Directory containing a huge collections of Malwares/viruses for testing security products.

My problem is :
Once the file is mounted, i trusted my Privates softwares, but unfortunately, if i dismount that letter and i mount it back later, Comodo forget the settings ! By forgeting its means, its still written in the database, if i go checking out then i can see my application Trusted, but Comodo doesn’t care about that and keep asking until i select “Trust”. Then its Trusted until i Dismount my drive.
This is a bit annoying, when i Trust i wanna be ALWAYS Trusted not one times.
Of course you might ask “Do you tick Remember settings” then my answer is of course i apply it, but this is not enough.
The Defense+ works with others “normal” partitions and directories, but not with special ones, which i can’t understand. Why its so hard for comodo to Detect the drives even if its going to be dismounted and mounted back later ? I mount everytimes on the same drive so what is the problem ?

  1. Its about Antivirus scanner.
    I’ve got a directories hidden on Encrypted container which required to be Mounted to if i want to access it.
    That directories are full of malwares and viruses for testing security products.
    I’ve added that Directory on “Exclusion” followed by asterisks like this :
    Z:\viruses* like in the example, but once again, if i dismount that Drive and later i mount it back, then the exclusion is not working anymore and going to detect the stuffs.

I need some help to get rid of theses bugs please.
Thanks a lots :slight_smile:

Ah and i’m using your latest release of Comodo Internet Security Free 3.9.95478.509 X64 in French language interface with an AMD BlackEdition 7750 Mhz, running on Windows Seven X64 RC 7100. However, thoses problems are not new, since before Seven i had Vista64 and before again i had XP, thoses troubles have already existed. If i didn’t post before its because i searched by myself first…

The behaviour makes sense when CIS sees your mounted HD as an external HD or USB stick. There are assumed unsafe by definition and a s consequence you can’t exclude things or make them trusted.

So what do you advice me to solve that problem ?

As far as I know there is nothing you can’t other than each time make it trusted for the session. Or you could put a wish in the Wish forum or Defense +.

Unfortunately that’s all there can be done as far as my knowledge allows me.

That case, if this is a feature and volunter from the author, we should have an Option to Enable/Disable it to solve the issue.

Okay guys, thanks to you i found a solution to fix my problem : I mount my protected container to a fake real HDD and its working, now Comodo remember always the settings and do not force me anymore to set them up.

Thanks you for your times :wink: :-TU