Bugs report for CAVS Beta

Okay, using a startup controller/organizer seems to do the trick, after a couple reboots. CAVS is down towards the bottom of the list, and all seems to be well… No lockups after login, On-Access scanner working.


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Just installed and on reboot my registry settings for winsock were deleted, so had no connection. After replacing that, now with the email scanner on and set to certify outgoing and incoming mail I do not get the popup when mail is sent and no certifications on the mail either way. CAVS says everything is working and I have no red or yellow items on the status page only green check marks. I do not think that my email scanner is working but CAVS says it is. Any thoughts?


You can use a free utility called Process Explorer (kind of like Task Manager on steroids), from Sysinternals http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sysinternals/default.mspx. Open that full screen. Then open your email client; reduce the screen so that you can see Process Explorer behind it, then select to send/receive mail; at that point you can minimize your email client if you like.

Watch for an entry to appear in Process Explorer, for CavEmlSvr.exe; that’s the email server. If it doesn’t show, then you know it’s not running.

That happened to me before, and Comodo requested logs from me, and got me a different .exe to test. It helped them track down some issues…


Thanks LM
Process explorer shows no CavEmlSvr.exe so I guessed right that my email is not being scanned. I have no email scan report but I do have a troubleshooting log but I’m not sure how to send it to you.

If it’s a text file, you can attach it to your post under the “Additional Options” below the text box you type in… It might be in an odd format though; in which case you’d have to email it to them; Kishor will likely get in contact with you at that point.


I just did a search of my files. I have no CavEmlSvr.exe but have a CavEmSrv.exe proxy server and a CavEmLSP.dll email scanner module.
The troubleshoot log is eleven separate files in .rar format.

Possible bug(s)?

I’ve got 2 cavse.exe processes running after a long start up. (Nearly 5 minutes from a cold boot).
This is correct?

And after bringing up the CAVS Status Screen, all the processes fail to complete the Refresh Mode even after waiting 15 minutes (I had to go make more coffee anyway).

In addition, clicking on any other tasks (Virus Scan, Scan Schedule, etc) fails to operate.

As soon as I figure out where the instructions are for posting one, I can send up an image file of the Task Manager.

Having two instances of cavse.exe is correct. Loading two instances was introduced in the previous beta, and it was done to prevent deadlocks occuring in a single scan engine.

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I tried to install “powercinema 5.0 trial” and during the installation at one of the popups of hips was missing the lower part of the window with the buttons “allow” and “deny”. And the installation could not continue beacause hips wouldn’t allow it. I tried to disable hips and all the other features of CAVS with no luck. I forced killed CAVS services and it locked my pc. A rebbot was needed but then I could not install powercinema.

1st Request: fix the window problem. Sometimes the window appears below the taskbar and it makes it difficult to select the button. Why is it impossible to move the window? ???
2nd request: add the possibility to use “allow” or “deny” with shortcut keys. In my chase it would have solved the problem in an easy way.

I can confirm this behavior. I’ve tried with a 2,5MB video file with same result. I’ve attached a picture which may provide you more info (and i also got the appcompat file, if you need it let me know).

[attachment deleted by admin]

Good morning
I do my best thinking in bed and I thought for a long time over CAVS not scanning my email. I think that what happened is that my spam filter was not letting go when I uninstalled CAVS and the uninstall was unsuccessful although it said it was. Then on reinstall the spam filter again got in the way and knocked out my winsock and did not install the email scanning. I think I have it all working this morning. I first of all disabled my CPF and Popfile. Then on reboot I uninstalled CAVS again. Then another reboot and installed CAVS. This time successfully. After that I re-enabled my CPF and Popfile and all is working well.
Thank you for your assistance especially LM

I forgot and installed from my normal user profile. Then I remembered that CPF had a problem when installed from a user profile, so I immediately disabled the CAVS service, rebooted, uninstalled CAVS, rebooted and logged onto an admin profile and reinstalled CAVS. This all went well.

Looks very good.
I had the two minor problems:

(1) the file submission didn’t work. Oops it just started working. Either your server was down, or I needed to have this browser window open to make it work.

(2) the hueristic virus detection engine flagged a file (just one) that is probally clean – it was Softpedia certified, and NOD32, TrojanHunter, Ad-Adware, SpyCop, SpyBot, and HiJackThis had no problem with it. The problem is there is no convenient way to make CAVS leave it alone. If there is an exclusion list somewhere, the Help file doesn’t tell about it.

Later: Once again the file submission would not work, then started working after I opened this message box.

Files and folders entered into the On Demand and On Access exclusion lists still get quarantined.

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Having two instances of cavse.exe is correct. Loading two instances was introduced in the previous beta, and it was done to prevent deadlocks occuring in a single scan engine.

Okay, that covers that. But what about this?

..after bringing up the CAVS Status Screen, all the processes fail to complete the Refresh Mode even after waiting 15 minutes (I had to go make more coffee anyway).

In addition, clicking on any other tasks (Virus Scan, Scan Schedule, etc) fails to operate.

Even waiting 30+ minutes, the Status Screen never finishes refreshing and I can not select any other tab on the Status Screen.

I also noticed that if you turn on “scan outgoing e-mail” BUT turn off “Display progress indicator when scanning outgoing e-mail” this will also cause CavEmSrv to crash.


I was using Beta version and all was well until I installed Beta version The first thing that went wrong was the uninstall didn’t successfully remove the email scanner piece and so the installation of the email scanner piece also failed. This same thing happened on both of my systems. The next problem was that I also lost my Winsock and internet connection on both systems as well. I used a freeware utility called WinsockxpFix.exe which restored my connectivity on both systems. I have since uninstalled and went back to version on both systems and all is well again.



So every body knows that i am loving comodo firewall and CAV . So for me The Firewall in Version 2.4 finally was a great job.

CAV (s) so i know it is a hart job to push aout a stable release but the it never was released a stable relese actually (1.1 beta?) hm the last beta version ( i had do some screenshots) for me it works better than the previous. CPU Usage i now ok and RAm usage too but it finally solws my pc down i don’t know what is really the Problem i think that is the new feature HIPS. What is the current Status about CAV and when did come a stable release in next time? for me is so important tu use CAV as my Antivirus Software on my productive system but not yet. I am using here Windows 2000 Pro but i want to upgrade to a newser Product (upgrade reasons ) i would pick up Windows 2003. So i have testet it also on this Machine it works really great but it slows there my pc down too can it be that CAV works in backround of apps too hard? Or he is scanning in backround unstopping and that is the problem why it slows down the working on my os i don’t know.


You can use a free program called ProcessExplorer from SysInternals http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sysinternals/default.mspx, and run that full-screen in the background; then you can see exactly how much activity the different modules/processes of CAVS are using: CMain.exe, cavse.exe, CavEmlSvr.exe, CavAud.exe, etc. That will give you an idea of where your slowdown is coming from.

You may find it is a combination of different applications.