Bugs report for CAVS Beta

Hi All,
Pealse report here the bugs for CAV Beta
Thank you all for your kind support.


Looks like we’re having issues with it causing a system freeze after logging into Windows…



I’m going to start CAVS manually for a week just to confirm that CAVS is the problem.


High CPU on the CAVSE processes, does seem to have been fixed. I am, however, currently running with HIPS disabled.

This version is still incompatible with the True Launch Bar (A Quick Launch replacement). Attempting to run a shortcut on the QL menu causes a CAVS Right Click scan to be started.

I’ve been forced to disable HIPS in this version because it constantly prompts for things like t:0\windows\system32\verclsid.exe, which it can’t find in the safe list… no surprise there. I guess that t:0 as a drive letter is some sort of windows device pointing at partition 0. In any event, it doesn’t work very well. Trying to fix this, I uninstalled & rebuilt the safe list from scratch… it didn’t help.

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oh but i have the same Problem as before. The incomming mail Scan takes too long this was a tesmail who i have send myself with only 4 Words in it “TEST”. Why does it scans so long and it’s a simple text email, it was not fixed? So it seems i must uninstall on my working system because i’ll become daily a lot of messages i cannot work so. the only what can i do is to disable it but for security reasons this is not the right choise for me. I would using Active Virus Shiled as before on my productive system with this Free Prog i never had Problem and have rootkit detection etc.

But i am using comodo firewall from the first time with this great product i never had problem and runs more then great!!! This is the best firewall for me! And i will never change it! but CAVS i don’t know i think it needs more time to optimize and fix the bugs. AND PLEASE to the DEVS do all good jobs (bug fixing, optimizions etc.) and than i think it can be one of the best antivir freeware products. but in this state i think not. not at the Moment.

I have TLB and have absolutely no problem whatsoever clicking on shortcuts in any menu. This was not a problem with the last beta either.

I do have issues with the email scanner though, which seems to end up blocking communication between Thunderbird and Spamihilator (a localhost antispam server). This was a problem in the last beta too.

I’m also, at least right at this moment, missing any tray icon for CAV. This was not a problem with the last beta.

Still unable to do a Novell login where the login script calls programs by UNC name or mapped drive name. Attempting to do so causes a hang (as opposed to a crash).

Current workaround is to do a “Local Workstation” login first, disable On-Access Scanner, wait several minutes (don’t know why you have to wait but you do - system will hang if you don’t), then do a Novell LAN login. After login script has completed, enable On-Access scanner and all is well.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play? :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

I left the computer alone for 9 hours to see what’s up, so i can confirm that the cpu usage bug isn’t fixed.

off (sorry):
Should i be able to manage/access resources of my computer with another windows family member if i can ping it? I run the add trusted network wizard but i wonder if this is a simple windows thing (as i can’t authenticate with net use). I’d like to avoid the simple reboot.

My monitor is using resolution 1280x800 pixels. Some windows does not display very well. Buttons within file submission window are blocked. Program file info box flows out.

Here are two screen shots:

Hi Kail,

Could you please let us know your disks configuration? How many hard drives your system has, their capacity, how are they partitioned, any RAID drives, etc?

Alex Kucher.

Hi Alex, thanks for your response.

2 IDE ATA HDDs. No RAID, all JBOD. HDD 0: 160GB - 6 Partitions (2 Linux). HDD 1: 40GB 0 partitions.

Not surprising… See the GUI thread in the CPF forum

I just don’t understand why Comodo is so low key about its GUI shortcomings. Being silent
about it doesn’t help raise my confidence that a solution will be found.

Al (test with 120 DPI) Adric (:SAD)

Email scanning not working for me useing outlook express on xp pro, both incoming an outgoing, others have this problem??

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and disableing scanning and re-enableing but still no scanning, CavEmSrv is not loading up.

Haven’t had this issue with previous versions.

The removal of startup entry for CMain is not working the way it was yesterday. The Service loading seems to be more the culprit. Setting the service to Manual does away with that problem, and everything comes up just fine after login. I changed the cavas driver as well, but that didn’t have any effect on it.

However, by doing this (changing Service start type to Manual), although I can start CAVS from the desktop icon, the On-Access scanner is unable to start. See attached screenshot.

I’m going to try to play with startup order a bit to see if all can be set to Automatic and function properly.

If not I may reinstall to see if something went south on the install…


[attachment deleted by admin]

Can’t confirm, works for me. What type of e-mail boxes you have, pop3?

Yes POP3.

Outlook Express version 6.00.2900.2180


Uninstalled/rebooted then deleted Comodo antivirus folder and the common folder then reinstalled, e-mail scanning now working fine (:CLP)

its not about low key… its about priority.
first we want to make sure the product is rock solid then concentrate on gui issues.


E-mail scanning issue, if you turn off “Scan outgoing e-mail” in settings CavEmSrv will crash after the outgoing mail has been sent (tested with a bmp inserted), can anyone else duplicate or maybe this version just doesn’t like my system.

CPU usage is still not fixed…even SLOWER than before…but…good job on the other bug fixing…Many of the unidentified files on my computer are now identified (didn’t use the program for a few weeks so that would make sense :D)


Finally, the silence is broken. Sometimes a little provocation helps to break the ice. :slight_smile:
Now that we agree that the GUI (CPF as well as CAV) has issues that need to be fixed,
I will go away and stop bothering. That was all I was waiting for … an answer.
Thanks for the reply.

Al (test with 120 DPI) Adric (:SAD)