BUGS remaining After RC1 (before RC2)[CLOSED]

Please vote to confirm what beta3 bugs remain to be to be fixed.
This wil make easy to edit a Know issue list for CIS final.

Thanks, gibran. I really don’t hope that they all will remein in the final version becaus some are very easy to fix… :frowning:

Some werre already fixed this poll contain a summary of beta3 bug topic

There is a bug missing in the list as far as I am concerned.

The AV shield is still interfering with Perfect Disk disc defragmenting program on Vista 32 SP1. Analyzing seems even slower than reported earlier. As a workaround I temporarlly disable the AV shield. I have reported this.

Good idea :-TU. I have voted for database not being downloaded.


This sounds like fun, bug chasing time! >:-D
But Comodo could make it all easier after all by publishing a changelog somewhere.

Maybe they are too sleepy after staying up day & night working on this. Or maybe they don’t think it is important too, because the final version isn’t out yet.

I PMed Egemen this thread by the way. :a0 So I hope the majority of the bugs get fixed before the final, and help Egemen & the team fix them. :-TU


I think we should allow voters to change their votes as more things are updated/discovered/fixed.

Wat think?


Armando, do you have any indication that anyone at Comodo pays any attention to all of these bug lists by the mods and users? Any more than Bugzilla? And that priorities are somehow set based on something like user impact? Melih said yesterday that he had no idea what was being fixed for RC2, and to wait for the developers. How the Hell can the CEO authorize the release of the final RC without agreeing on what needs to be fixed to declare success at that point? Or are the developers in charge? Congratulations on overcoming your frustrations and trying to continue doing the right thing, in spite of the lack of feedback. Ed.

I think Egemen is in charge of this.

If they would just give some more feedback i think they will get more commitment from the bug hunters :wink:

I thought the lead-programmers, Team leaders or project managers take care of this?


Important bug missing - system lockup after loading java.exe. Causes endless reliability problems with Open Office. Replicable.



UnStickied. CIS 3.5 RC2 Released.

Logging still doesn’t work on Czech windows should be fixed. Mouse, if your problem still persists in RC2, Please report full details in the CIS RC2 Bug Reports Thread.


T3h noes, hell must have frozen now! ;D :-TU

Armando did you close this thread?