Bugs not fixed

One suggestion that might help ... it seems that the web filter can not parse the CIS codes generated by search terms configured to be blocked by CIS of certain pages. [b]See attachments:[/b]

NOTE: web filter blocked search terms for the yahoo and attempt to access the link: https://forums.comodo.com/firewall-help-cis/howto-block-malicious-websites-or-ads-with-comodo-v7-web-filter-t102635.0.html
Both of these sites use HTTPS:// which probably discards address filtering using secure connection.
What probably does not analyze the CIS are the codes pageviews as: google, DuckDuckGo. Otherwise could download via download manager (free download manager, internet download manager …) see 2º attachment
Hidemyass proxy type (hidemyass.com) among others.
It is likely that the same happens for pages with URL started in ftp:// CIS and somehow can not parse more codes of this type of URL.

sorry my english!

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Thank you. I have responded to the three bug reports. However, in the future please respond individually to each of them. I will now move this to Resolved. Please continue any discussion within the existing bug reports.