Bugs list (V3.0.13.268 X32)

This is a list of bugs that i know that exist you can use this as a sticky or just delete it cause you dont like such posts, your call:

  1. Avast Incomptabilitys under vista (this includes boot-time slowdown, system hangs, and errors in avast itself, etc.)
    NOTE: im not sure about other secuirty software Incomptabilitys but im sure there are more.

  2. Help causes comodo gui to crash after certain conditions are met (rebooting clears this issue untill the condition are met again)

  3. Deleted executables under my pending files has modified status instead of deleted.

  4. Certain arbitary named executables such as “avast.setup” cant be added to my safe list.

  5. No crash report window shows incase comodo crashes.

  6. While in installation mode changed to executables are still logged under my pending files.

  7. Stealth ports wizard only creates new rules but dosent remove old ones when switiching between modes.

  8. Some unicode languages display badly on comodo gui compared to comodo firewall v2.

  9. Full screen application may lock up the system if comodo displays a alert in the background,
    to prevent such occasions you may want to make comodo firewall alerts display above ALL including full screen apps.
    workaround: switch comodo defence+ to learning mode temporarily and then lunch the application so it creates the rules for it and then shut it down and switch defence+ to your favored protection level.

  10. Files which are constantly deleted and created will create a my pending files entry but cannot be added to safe list after they are deleted which if not possible to add them to safe list after they are deleted will require the user to continuasly handle with the my pending files entry created for them.

  11. This is not a bug more like a feature request: the ability to protect certain files from behind purged, incase you want to keep those rules even after the file is deleted/moved.

  12. Rtl windows opearting systems will display the properties for a executable when clicked on a alert chopped off at the right side.

  13. Inability to create rules presets under my configuration without using export/import as…

  14. No default file extension for saved comodo firewall 3 rules.

  15. Sometimes known safe files reach the my pending files list.

  16. Some grammer/spelling error exist in places like the installer.

  17. Learning alerts overlap allow/block alerts, this prevents allow/block on the alert untill the learning alert calm down.

  18. Changing the tray icon animation settings can sometimes mess up the logging settings.