bugs in new versions of comodo cis

hey guys
i am using comodo fw for years
and i think best version of its firewall was 5

6 was very kiddy
7 has some bugs
at the version 7 i cant set auto rules , when firewall
alert me for a app that wants to connect to an ip add i cant set a rule for
that specific ip and that app blocked or allowed everything
thats make me mad

then anti virus!
i didn’t use comodo av before few days ago
i installed that and i see when i try to scan one object like a file or folder
it gets to update and a few second later it’s goes down …!!!
i unchecked try to update before scan box at setting menu

anyone solutions???
win 7 32&64
for me firewall is important because i don’t like to backward to ver5.5


  1. Try to change firewall settings. Enable “Set alert frequency level” and chose “Very high”. In that way, firewall will notify you every time when application is trying to connect to a specific IP adress over both TCP and UDP protocols. You may need to remove the old rule for that application to see the results.

  2. If your problem with firewall will be resolved by my advice shall I move this topic to AV help board where you can get better help?

  3. Any bugs should be reported here

thanks morphiusz but i know these
i guess that maybe a bug

That should worked. Please double check. If not working, submit a bug report.
For now I’ll move it to the Antivirus help board.

it’s not work honey
i decide to try another fw
i geuss cfw’s turn is over