Bugs in firewall

I would like to make some comments about v. of firewall. I realized that it has a lot of advantages compared to other firewalls but I think that there are some bugs.
Firstly when I want to close the firewall for I while if I want to restart it I must restart windows in order to be fully functional.
Secondly (and finally for now) I want to use Azureus for Torrents but it’s impossible even though I use the simple interface. I assign port 54075 for example in order to be used by Azureus but there is no result. The port can’t be used by the application. This didn’t work for DC++ too. So I believe that some bugs live in firewall that turn his advantages to disadvantages

Hope problems will be fixed with an update.

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Why do you want to close the firewall? For play game or what?

Azureus is working just fine here, so there is no bug! What does your firewall logs say?

Need Network Monitor rules to allow p2p applications, in addition to the Inbound rules in Application Monitor. Layered security. It rocks! https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,6167.0.html This may help.

As far as closing it, well, the firewall is resistant to termination; it’s designed that way. Other users have complained about the same thing. It’s designed to run automatically, not manually, and to continue running. BTW, if you have “closed” it by selecting “Exit” from the systray icon context menu, you should know that only closes the GUI/application interface aspect of the program. The true firewall is still running…


Thanx a lot for your help…I didn’t understand well the use of network monitor. I was trying to make these configuration settings through application monitor but not network monitor. So there’s no bug…Moreover I closed the firewall because I wanted to make sure that the firewall was the reason for the indication of Azureus that port was firewalled (I had also NAT problems in my router lately). I hope you will forgive me for “insulting” your software…It’s the only firewall that I have ever used that has so easy environment for making advanced rules. Keep up the very good job! (B) (L) (R)

PS: The topic Little Mac was very useful. Thanx again

No problem, hikaru. We’ve heard worse! ;D And please be assured, if you do find bugs, Comodo wants to know about them. By all means search/post here. It may already be known about; there may be a workaround. Even if not, that way others then become aware of it. If we can’t address it thoroughly, we’ll refer to Support.

I’ll got ahead and mark this topic Resolved for other users benefit, and close it. If for some reason you need this reopened, just PM a Moderator (please include a link) and we’ll be glad to do so.