Bugs in CFP

My system:
Windows XP Professional SP3
Avira Antivir Personal
Comodo Boclean 4.27
Threatfire 3.5 (using as a back up until I become more comfortable with D+)
Comodo Firewall Pro

Possible Bugs:

  1. Adding File Groups to the d+ “computer security policy” would add the name of the file group (and the files within that file group) to the policy list. However, when an allowed action was performed by one of the grouped files on the list, D+ did not recognize it. In fact, if I clicked on “allow this request” and checked “remember my answer”, it would log the file in the D+ policy list, but not under the file group in which it was already listed. In other words, D+ seems to ignore the presence of a file (and its policy) when it is listed already within a user defined file group.
    By the way, you could definitely impove this issue: when you add a file group to the policy list, and some of the files in the group are already on the policy list, it should ask you if you want to replace the existing files with the ones in the file group. Even better would be the option to add a file group directly from the security policy window, and then drag and drop files into the group (like the “new folder” option in windows). That would make things really simple. It would also be nice to be able to sort the files in the policy list by any of the follwing: date policy was added, alphabetical order (this would list files in the same folder next to eachother), and “treat as” criteria.
  2. Stealth Ports wizard problem - when I select “block all incoming connections - stealth my ports to everyone” and then click finish, a window pops up that says “your firewall has been configured accordingly”. But when I select stealth ports wizard again, the option has been set back to “define a new trusted network”. In other words, the stealth port wizard does not seem to remember my selection.
  3. When I set Firewall ALert level to high on firewall behavior settings, I do not get any alerts when my computer is attacked (e.g. I am not alerted to port scans, although they are list in the logs). Is this a bug or was it designed this way? It would be nice to know when your are under attack. As my co-worker said, “Norton tells me I am being attacked and does not bother me about safe stuff. Comodo doesn’t tell me when I am being attacked; it only alerts me about safe stuff. That’s just not logical.”

this is not a bug. it goes back to the first option no matter what. it is still set on the option you selected. go to firewall > advanced > network security policy > global rules. you should see these rules (see screen shot). this means the block all incoming connections option is applied.


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I have to say, much of CFP is non-intuitive. So let me get this straight…when you select an option in the stealth ports window, the option you selected is not indicated there anymore, so you have to look somewhere else to see what option you set. Makes no sense to me. That is like putting a switch in a building that works a light in the house across the street. You have the choice of selecting the switch up or down, but you have to walk across the street to see if the light is on. Why not make it so your choice stays on the option you selected in the window in which you selected it?

I posted previously on making CFP intuitive enough for the masses, and this is a prime example of the type of things that can be improved for the average user. Don’t get me wrong…Comodo is excellent and I will continue use it. Other firewalls have a major share of the market because of their ease of use (even if they are not as strong as CFP). People like firewalls that are easy to learn and that make them feel protected. I know of several people who tried CFP and uninstalled it in favor of a less robust firewall. The reason…CFP was non-intuitive, took too long to set up and train, way too many alerts, and the alerts were usually from safe operations. A co-worker ditched CPF3 because she felt more safe with Norton’s firewall! She said that the alerts from Norton represented “a real threat and not gobble-dee-■■■■ that scared her for no reason.”

Your program is a great asset aready…but a more intuitive interface for the average user may allow more users to feel comfortable with such a strong product. Anyhow, just a little feedback to consider. Your hard work is much appreciated.


Stealth ports wizard basically just adds global rules. you don’t have to go to global rules to see if it set it to the right option. it always will. i was just showing you what it does and how it affects global rules.

as for why the option doesn’t stay on the one you selected, i have no idea. but once you set it will you need to set it differently any time soon?

A good user interface should not force the user to assume the rules were set correctly…it should indicate the selected rules clearly, and not bury the information in a cryptic format somewhere else in the program. Again, this just illustrates my point that much work is needed to make the user experience more intuitive.

To use my light switch analogy…you are are basically saying that you plan to leave the light on most of the time, so why bother moving the switch from across the street. I believe that applying this type of logic will hinder the development of an intuitive interface. The bottom line is this…it makes sense to put the switch and the light in the same room, regardless of how often you plan to use the switch. If anybody can think of a good reason why not to make things more clear and user friendly…please let me know.


Wizards work just this way in many unrelated apps like desktop publishing ones.

A wizard is just something that carry a task for you.
Just like asking someone to do something this doesn’t mean that who carried the task should be expected to explain exactly how he did it.

Even if a wizard can save some time this doesn’t mean that a wizard can remove the need for proper user training.
May CFP dialogs have a What does these setting do? link that explain how to use them.

Many members already posted their suggestions to improve CFP in Comodo Firewall Wishlist V6 yours will be welcomed as well.
Please post about your suggested improvements in that topic or your feedback in CFP Feedback board

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Seems to me the “wizard” is out of place here. The dialogue box should at least tell you the current status of things, so you can decide whether or not it needs to be changed. I suggest you make this a selection window (like all the other windows in the program) and do away with the “wizard.” It would be be more consistent with the interface used in the rest of the program, and it would be a more logical presentation.