Bugs CD Media Downloader

  1. Help page directions don’t match actual steps needed to download embedded videos on YouTube.
  2. Media Downloader either does not work or does not enable (red icon) on some of the sites listed on the Help page. (eg: Fisher-Price)

Extensions loaded:
Comodo Media Downloader 1.4.5
Myibidder Auction Bid Sniper for eBay 1.3.7
WeatherBug 2.2.7

OS: W2k3R2 SP2


The extension interacts with the Flash Player plugin. Since there are some issues with the Adobe version of the plugin in Dragon at the moment, you should use pepper flash to have full functionality form the extension.

Also note that the extension is not compatible with ad blockers and similar extensions. This is a technical limitation, not a fault in the programming so disabling other extensions might improve detection on some websites.