seems that two synchronisation jobs (the second was duplicated from the first but with changed backup folders) end up in an error message.

Can be solved in one of the synchronisation job by changing the delaytime to another value.


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Another one:

If a syncjob got more than one folder the restore doesn’t show the folders that where backuped.

sync1.png → syncjob with 2 folders
sync2.png → log that shows the backup successful
restore.png → shows no pegtop folder

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Hello Stevo

It appears you may have found a bug.
I have not had to use restore but checked it out right now and it will give you all your folders if you check “only selected files” under “restore mode”, but does not give the full backup when “all files” or “only missed files” is selected. Your backups do not seem to be in any danger of being lost - it just takes a while to find them.


Hi Jjasper,

that’s right, the backup is done and can also be found in the directory (browsing with the explorer).
Another problem was, that the whole root (c:) was saved (only folders) to the backup directory.

When the two folders are separated into two syncjobs the root wasn’t copied (backuped).