BUGREPORT: Comodo Installer does not disable Windows Firewall (V3.0.12)

I’m using Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit. After the installation, the Security Center has reported that both firewalls were running and recommended that I shut one down. Guess which one I turned off? (:KWL)

I checked, and indeed, the Windows Firewall was On.

Yeah, I hope Comodo fixes this if it is a bug, if not make it a setup feature!

Hi SpookyET,

no idea why this happened.

I’m also running Vista Ultimate 32bit and no problem here… strange.


I had this issue too.

P4 HT, system internet browser is Firefox, OS: XP sp2 32bit, AV: Avast Other Security Apps: Comodo Memory Guardian 1.6b


It didnt disable windows firewall to me also,
this is just an installer feature that needs to be added/fixed.

The same problem here… >:(

Ditto here too.


ditto here too
cfp 3.025.378

Will someone high in the firewall production say something about this?

AFAIK it’s not a bug, but a feature request, since CFP was never meant to do that. There is even an info dialog box at the begining of installation, informing a user that he or she should uninstall any other firewall before continuing.
Because you can’t uninstall Windows XP Firewall, you should simply disable it. Since there is no major conflict between CFP and Windows XP Firewall you can disable it even after CFP installation, but it’s up to user to do that. At least for now.

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