BugBopper no longer functional

I received a mail from Bugbopper informing me that they’re closing down. Which means the scanner is now useless (according to them).

BugBopper to cease operations on July 31, 2011 The BugBopper.com website will be closed, and the malware database will no longer be available. We regret this action, and are grateful to all of our customers for their support. Perhaps we'll be back...

See their site: http://bugbopper.com/

I think this means that the app will no longer continue to update its signatures, making it useless in a few hours.Funny though i saw a changelog on Wilders with a few improvements, and almost straight away the app was pulled and i got an e-mail too.


I got such a mail too.

“We regret to announce that BugBopper is going out of business as of July 31, 2011. You will find that without the support of our host systems, the BugBopper program is essentially non-functional, which is the nature of its design and can’t be helped.”

well hate to say it but . . . . :azn: . . . a slick data miner ? i mean what i said was to say that something was rotten in Denmark. i knew something was not quite right there. out of business before they opened. ;D

Hi sAyer

Leaving aside the discussion about particular Software, we must be very careful with quotes

“… in the state of Denmark” the great man (I mean Shakespear not Marcellus :slight_smile: ) said
& what’s highlighted is very important

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