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If you liked BugBopper and the whopping speed and other features it promises, you may have been a little disappointed when you found out that removal of the threats it found came with a price. That’s right. You read correctly. came with a price. BugBopper as of May 30, 2011 (see http://bugbopper.com/News/2011_05_30.asp ), is released and offered for free indefinitely as a means to advertise BugBopper. You can download BugBopper here: http://bugbopper.com/Downloads/Setup_BugBopper.exe

What do developers of BugBopper say about their product?
* Detection Confidence Scores. An industry first: the Scan Log includes data to assist in knowing whether a malware detection is dead-certain, probable, or perhaps a false alarm. Detection Confidence Scores give a user the probability that various anti-malware products will identify the file as malware. Most users will want to ignore files they’ve used for quite a while and that have confidence scores under 25% or so – because three out of four anti-malware products would regard such files as harmless. Conversely, most users will want to give careful attention to new files that have confidence scores of 50% or more.
* Informed Consent. When BugBopper reports a file as possible malware, it provides a link to more information on that file. You can click the link to learn more, and make your decision on whether or not to remove it. A typical page of info is here, and this site has 17,005,675 such pages of analyses of malware executables. No other scanner vendor offers such a comprehensive malware encyclopedia. So whether you decide to remove or retain a file, you can make such a decision based on solid information.
* Size Matters. Small is Beautiful. Some anti-virus products are 100 times as large as BugBopper on disk, taking up to 293 Mb, with an average of 75 Mb. In our evaluation, BugBopper had the smallest product footprint of 122 products compared: just over 3 Mb.
* First, Do No Harm. This is a central principle for emergency medical services around the world, and should be central to computer services as well. BugBopper can be trusted to do no harm because until you specifically choose to remove detected malware, it changes nothing in the registry, deletes no files. It leaves you smarter, but leaves your machine as it was. BugBopper can blast the malware in your machine, but won’t do that without first safely storing it in quarantine, in case you ever want it back. Restoring from quarantine is just a simple click.
* A Trusted Second Opinion. Every legitimate anti-malware product is good, and reflects enormous effort on the part of the developer. But no legitimate anti-malware product is good enough. Every anti-malware product that detects a boatload of malware misses enough to sink a ship. Much of that stuff was written today (about 900 new Trojans were created in the past 24 hours), but some is a month old or more. When you scan, you deserve to know that every program in your machine is known, and good.
* Advanced AutoUpdate. At each load, BugBopper spends a second to see if there is a new version of itself. If so, it offers to update itself – free, of course. Updates take just seconds, because this nifty thing is so small. When BugBopper finds a file it does not know, it whisks that file back to our lab for immediate analysis. Whether or not the analysis finds malware, our online database knows immediately. BugBopper can retrieve this information before the scan finishes, or at the time of the next scan.
* Runs Fast. AV products don’t run. They lumber. Even when they aren’t running at all, your machine can behave like it’s bogged down with spyware. BugBopper runs when it runs, and can scan up to 500 files per second or more, depending on your machine, your internet connection, and the number of suspect files present. Once a full scan has been completed and the unknown files examined, re-scans are even faster. In one test, Wuzzup checked 18,248 files in 6.3 seconds - about 2,898 checks per second. That’s fast. In comparison, other products look half-fast.
* Plays Nicely. BugBopper is compatible with all anti-virus and anti-spyware products. If your scanner runs (or lumbers), it will run with BugBopper. BugBopper is also compatible with your system: compared with other scanners, it has a tiny footprint, uses little memory, and won’t slow your other applications noticeably when it’s running.
* The Price is Right. A license for BugBopper is very inexpensive!

Bugbopper is very good and very easy.

this software concerns me. first of all on there site they say it is now free. when was it ever paid ! I’m a true software ■■■■■■ and i never heard of it (not listed on cnet, snapfiles, tucows, or any other reputable download sight i could find other than softpedia ) . the scan times and the results they claim are to say the least doubtful. on top of that the digital signature is all jacked up on the file. i think not. 88)


Before, the company had two products: one which scans only (Wuzzup) and the paid-for version which allows the user to quarantine detected (Bugbopper). So yeah, it was once paid-for.

Secondly, I’ve actually found a few dubious software on cnet and tucows. I trust softpedia most although there was a time they did host some weird stuff…

Third, a wilderssecurity forum member posted confirmation trusting the product (see markusg’s post Wuzzup from BugBopper: What do you think of it? | Page 16 | Wilders Security Forums). If you use wot, then have a look at this site (http://www.webutation.net/go/review/bugbopper.com).

Fourth, yeah their claim on identifying 100% all malware is dubious. But I’ve seen antivirus vendors make this mistake (whether intentional or not, the point is to get enough share on the market right?) so they’re not the first (maybe symantec was? dunno).

Fifth, the scan time is fast. It’s the uploading that takes long. Depends mostly (if not entirely) on how fast and reliable your connection is.

Finally, it’s really up to you whether to trust this vendor or not. I’ve tested it, and am convinced it’s good. Never did any harm nor caused me any problem to say the least.

i hear what your saying spinach but none the less i have heard of malwarebytes , hitman pro , a2 , and others. bugbopper does not ring out in my memory. if they could do what they they claimed then all the AV giants would be beating down their doors with big bags of cash for that technology.

when it comes to downloads sites i use snapfiles . . . not one virus has left their site since started in 1997.

www.snapfiles.com :wink:

What doesn’t ring out in memory doesn’t translate to it being all that bad. It merits doubt, yes of course, that much you’re correct on. But just the same, no verdict can be made without proper testing of the software. And like I said, it’s just marketing strategy. What the company says shouldn’t affect how we test and evaluate the software.

Oh and thanks for the lookup on snapfiles. :wink:

BugBopper to cease operations on July 31, 2011

The BugBopper.com website will be closed, and the malware database will no longer be available. We regret this action, and are grateful to all of our customers for their support. Perhaps we’ll be back…


I happened to enjoy the BugBopper.
Thank you.