Bug with VPN(PPTP) Vista

Windows Vista and CIS.
when use VPN connection (PPTP)
packets that smaller than 200 bytes come through VPN right
ping -l 188 internetsite
ping -l 189 internetsite

in lan all connection is ok.

wireshark show that I get packets even more 200 bytes at my NIC.
change rules (to allow any from any) didn’t help
Even if i turn off Firewall protection or even shutdown CIS the situation is the same.

I forgot to mention CIS 3.5 and 3.8 version. and OS - Windows Vista SP1.
and if disinstall CIS system works ok.

I found a workaround - uninstall VirtualBox :frowning:
So I create another topic. - Virutalbox+CIS+Vpn