Bug with update 24

Same trouble as reported below by other users : I could not directly install this new CD version! :o

On the “About” screen, it was shown “Pls click on the restart button to end the update”. I did that but nothing happened. On the Win7 task manager I could see that CD and all the extensions (from version 23) were still working. I prefered not to close any for avoiding any crash. Even the CD logo above on my “bureau” disappeared… Besides, I suddenly received a message from CD saying that the update did not work and that no reason was found for that!

So I had no other choice than to open horrible Explorer 10 ;D for finding the CD download link on Comodo Products page… Then the CD update screen appeared and I could update it…

But how come this update bug? It happened in the past, stopped and… reappeared again and again… 88)


Please add all the information requested in this bug report guide.

It is very important that you add a precise step by step description of how you attempted to update Dragon because it will help us identify the moment when the issue occurred.

Thank you.

Same for me. I have never had the possibility to update directly (4 machines with W7 32bit or W7 64bit).
Always had to download the entire new file installer.

It doesn’t update automatically on my desktop for some reason but it can check to see if the release is up to date. I know when it needs to be manually installed when an “unknown error” shows up.

@ Cyberfox007 : Exactly the same happened to me. It does signal that a new version exists and is even downloaded. But when it is the time to click on “restart” nothing happens or it is simply written “unknown error”…