Bug with hardware acceleration enabled with the recent CID (

Browser fail to function properly with HWA enabled.

  • Windows 8.1 x64
  • CIS 6 Premium
  • Enabled HWA, restart the browser, click on the option / preference settings.
  • Disable HWA
  • Other specs: 6GB DDR2 RAM, GeForce GTX 460 with latest Forceware (November 2013) installed.


More description:
The GUI are bugged. For examples, clicking options, add-on and bookmark manager will make the browser hang. It’s like the window / object fail to load.

I can’t stressed how important hardware acceleration support is in today modern browsing. For example it eased the CPU consumption for smooth scrolling and flash and javascript, which make the browser stay responsive even though you have tens of tab opened.

Without Hardware Acceleration, my C&C Tiberium Alliances flash-based browser game could only maintain 10 fps, while with it enabled the fps jump to >50 fps. It’s not just number though, my browser is less suspectable to crashing.

I have this problem too. I’m only using IceDragon, no other Comodo software, and Win 7 64. When I enable hardware acceleration and click OK the browser instantly stops working. Clicking anywhere/anything gives me that Windows “ding” sound. I don’t get a ‘Not Responding’ in the title bar or task manager. It just stops working and ding, ding, ding when I click. Then I shutdown IceDragon through taskmanager and open it up again. It seems to work fine until I try to open the Options window and then the problem repeats. I had to go into about:config and disable hardware acceleration through there (gfx.direct2d.disabled, true); (gfx.content.azure.enable, false). It crashes IceDragon immediately when I do that. Then upon restart I can open Options window again.

Also middle mouse click opens a link in a new tab for me but I was unable to do that in IceDragon on a youtube page, on the “All Comments” link. I can’t remember if it happened anywhere else though. (I’ve already uninstalled IceDragon)

This is the first time I’ve used IceDragon. Not a good first impression. I like using Comodo’s DNS server and the scan links feature seems useful but if I use Comodo’s DNS servers on Firefox the only thing IceDragon has got going for it is the scan links feature, which to be honest, I don’t know if I’ll use that much. I think you should throw other features into IceDragon to make it more attractive. Maybe letting us enable virtual mode without having to install Comodo Internet Security.

Edit: The middle mouse click problem must not be related to IceDragon because it happened on Firefox just now. I remember testing it on FF and it didn’t happen then.

This bug is still present in the latest release. Maybe it’s related to Nvidia chipset because on my friend’s AMD GPU PC he can enabled hardware acceleration just fine. But IceDragon is the only Gecko-variant that have this issue. I’ve tried Pale Moon, Cyberfox, Waterfox, Lunascape, Sleipnir 4 etc. none of them having issue with hardware acceleration.
This is pretty big deal, just go to any flash browser gaming site like Farmville etc. you will notice without hardware acceleration the frame rate will drop and your browser become unresponsive.