Bug with CIS v4, maybe Sandboxie

Comodo firewall with disabled Sandbox (but with enabled also this bug),
Defense+ - CleanPC
Firewall - SafeMode
Configuration - Proactive Security
OS - Windows 7 32 bit Ultimate
PC - Toshiba Satellite A300 1GN PSAGCE
Antivirus - Avira 9 free

Bug after booting windows every time, then crash, then manually run, then again crash and it continues 1 or 2 times

Question: How to reset sandboxed items to unsandboxed, becouse sandbox sandboxed my ati driver but this bug is , i think, no about ati driver sandboxing.

Also when i open Comodo Active Process List after restart windows and sometimes refresh with F5, then also crash.

unfourtanaly there in cis folder have not .zip or .dmp files
i archieved all cis folder from program files in archieve .rar 73.4 MB


and windows event viewer shows errors, maybe it is sandboxed ati driver and something else.

when i installed Comodo, after restart it automaticaly sandboxed ati driver and toshiba utilities, of course i trust Comodo and click ‘ok’, but then started this bug. then i reinstall comodo and disabled sandbox, but in defense+ events driver also was sandboxed. then i find where i can reset sandboxed items but i can not find and today after reboot windows this bug wait me everytime.

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