[BUG] Windows Operating System gets blocked

I have some open IPs and Ports open on Global Rules, my last 1 is: block all incoming traffic, when I set it to ‘log’ it, then Windows Operating System gets put on the Blocked Applications Window, and block absolutely all incoming traffic from that moment, this shouldn’t happen. :-TD

Read this post that should help clear up what happens when connection requests are blocked and thus is not a bug.

Thanks but it’s not the case exactly, this behavior is activated when I set a Global Rule to block and log, or an allow and log rule, has its destination as an IP that’s not the host PC IP, so it fails to apply and produces the same Windows Operating System block and all incoming traffic stops for new connection, uTorrent gives a warning no incoming connection, , inbound connections will be 0, outbound will be kind of normal, current established connections will remain active; mainly when any Global Rule is set to log, this happens, therefore bug.

https://s19.postimg.org/7049i6uwj/Comodo.jpg here is my normal inbound connections, so this proves my rules function properly when not logging, as soon as I set log, WOS will be blocked by the Firewall, the event windows floods with source port 0 and destination port 0 blocked, I’ll have some difficulty browsing, so I go check the Firewall and I get this situation.

Something unexpected just happened, I had nothing set to log and WSO got blocked again, now this is out of control, I thought I caused it by setting rules to log.

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I never had this type of problems with CFW, please fix it

When both source and destination port is 0 it means it is a blocked fragmented IP packet which is blocked because by default CFW setting block fragmented IP traffic is enabled under firewall advanced settings. This is normal behavior when using peer2peer applications and with some network printers. When this setting is on, you will always get such logging in the firewall event logs regardless if you have enabled or disabled logging in application or global rules.

Yes I have that on but the eventual blockage of incoming connections is a bug, just because I activated logging on a rule