Bug Windows 10 Pro x64

Problem Windows 10 Pro x64
CIS v.
Event Log:

  • 1 2 24 0x80000000000000 4451 COMODO Internet Security Trace Coll
  • Too long process chain: pid=1244 m_dwParentPid == 4544

ps: diag CIS => Ok

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The simplest being the best
I have other things to do than filling out reports!
Solution found => I uninstalled Windows 10 CIS Pro
Another free suite poses no problem

It’s a known issue.

I will move this one to “Resolved” section.
Thank you.


I just saw that I have 1245 cmdagent error “Too long process chain” of the category cisVScopeMonitor in the Event Viewer since the 09.28

So if it is resolved, please tell me how it can be solved on my system (W10 x64 pro too, CIS