[BUG] "What do these settings do?" --> doesn't work properly...?

Those mini help tags called “What do these settings do?” below each Comodo window doesn’t work properly. When I first boot my computer it works fine, but then I close the help and when I try to re-open it by clicking on a “What do these settings do?” help tag, no help is show, nothing pops up. I have to reboot my computer again to get a working help function back. And after that the whole problem repeats itself when I try to use the help again.

Summary: So basically the first time I click the help function it works, the second time it doesn’t, then I reboot the computer, then again the first time it works and the second time it doesn’t.

The firewall itself remains functional, but a help function that is not working properly is annoying.

I’m running the latest 3.0.16 version, but I also had the problem in the 3.0.15 version. I’m running Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 32-bit.