Bug Report

Hey I’m working for Camera360, some our users report a bug that your app marked our app on Android as malware. However, our app acting decent in past 4 years. So maybe you should double check your database and see what’s going wrong with the test. It makes our users nervous and some of them even uninstall our app. The test result of your app is attached. Please check this out. And you can contact me - guoyiming[at]camera360.com

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thanks for your positive feedback. We will release new database soon.


Would you like join our new Beta test group.

We are going to create a new Beta User Group. What is benefit for new Beta User Group;

1)Beta version will be OTA update through Google Play. (you don’t need to click to download link and install it. We will release beta version trough Google Play at Beta Release)
2)Save time and minimize the Beta Release Process (just join our New Beta User group then everything we handle it. You enjoy with new Beta version)
3)The betas offer a number of new and some unique features Beta users has first priorty to get and experience it.

How To Become a new Beta User
Please click below link then send us “Join Request” our Beta User group.