Bug report!

Sandbox in your product can cause MY computer restart!
Software platform:
windows xp sp3 chinese version
TINTSETP.EXE( Ver. 2002a ,supplied in windows xp,a kind of software for inputting chinese )
comodo internet security free editon ,ver 5.0.163652.1142

I’ve defined a policy that always run browsers in sandbox,the computer will restart when I turn on TINTSETP in the browser.I have tested 2 browers ,they are MS Internet explorer and google’s browser,and I have test at 2 computers, all are same.

When running a file by a sandboxed program it will get sandboxed like the browser.

The name tintsetup.exe suggests this is a installer of some sort. What exactly does this file do? Does it install helper software for entering Chinese characters?

It’s just tintsetp.exe, not tintsetup.exe. It is a process belonging to Microsoft Language Support.

Thanks. Sometimes one reads what one thinks one reads… ;D

At dudaoping2008. Am I correct that this does not happen when you run the browser unsandboxed? What happens when you change the sandbox level of your browser?