BUG REPORT: Serious problem . .

. . namely that Comodo crashes when, the first time (but not subsequent times) after boot, I click a hyperlink in an email. For email I am using Mozilla Thunderbird. I have the latest version of Comodo (and the latest beta of Thunderbird; but I had the same problem on the latest stable release of Thunderbird). Can anyone here help, please?

Here are some details.

The crash takes the form of various addons crashing, e.g. Adblockplus, SingleFileCore, Comodo Web Inspector. (I haven’t yet tested to see whether an Addon might be the source of the problem.)

My OS: Windows 8.1 Media Centre x64.
System drive: C:
Comodo Dragon path: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Dragon\dragon.exe”
Comodo Dragon Version (Stable/Beta) e.g. Dragon (Beta); e.g. Dragon (Stable)
Plugins/Themes installed in Comodo Dragon
UAC: set not to give notifications
User account has admin privileges.
I do not have Chrome installed and, when I did, did not have this problem.


Please check the following things:

  • Dragon.exe is launched at startup - there should be an entry pointing at dragon.exe under the Startup section in msconfig and a registry key in: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run.
  • Have Dragon start in incognito (this should disable extensions by default) and try to reproduce the issue.

Thank you.