Hi to all. :slight_smile: I’m experiencing delays when I close the GUI. It needs 3 to 5 seconds to close. I never had this problem with previous beta releases (I have tested all :)).

Keep the MARVELOUS WORK :slight_smile: (L) (R) (S) (V)

Have you rebooted?
Try again… :wink:

Please post bugs in the default thread for RC4, even if it’s a big thread, so the bug reports wont be spread around…

Hi. Sorry I didn’t knew that is better to post in the default thread. Yes i have rebooted and I notice that this delay happen after i click at the application monitor. It is a bug???

There can be a delay when openeing the Application Monitor screen or the Component Monitor screen, depending upon how many apps and components you have listed. I have over 50 apps and more than 300 components and I get a lag of about 2 secs. for apps and 5 secs. for components.

I don’t think it’s a bug, just a consequence of the way you use your PC.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

I’m not talking for that delay. After i go to Application Monitor and wait for the list to load and then I go to Summary (or anywhere else in the GUI) and i press the (X) button to close the form i have 3 to 5 seconds delay. I hope you understand now the delay…

(I’m from Cyprus sorry I don’t speak good enough English :))

I know what you mean, and I have had it myself with all RC versions.
In this RC4 it was just like that right after the install, but it went away when I rebooted one extra time. It works fine now.
There is only one thing, and that is when I close CFP, there is a delay on other open apps for 2 seconds before I can do anything.

Yes that delay I was trying to explain. Hope this will be fixed on the next release.
Thnx :slight_smile: