Bug report for Beta

Got a problem here, just installed latest version and after scanning my PC the scan stopped after only a few folders.

Not really sure what else to say here…

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??? the pic shows 33161 folders scanned and elapsed time 01.24 hour. are you sure?

I don’t really know, but my previous AV took a lot longer (but maybe that’s because it was norton), and counted a lot more files.

CAVS reports 100,000 but Norton would give me about 1.something million

I’ve got two 320GB drives and they’re both almost full with lots of stuff, so unless CAVS is very quick, 1.5 hr might only be for some.

and from the screenshot it looks like it has stopped at c:\games

Is there any way I can find out exactly what it did/didn’t scan? (the report doesn’t really have that much info)


Different AV scanners count the number of files scanned in different ways. So seeing different results per antivirus scanner is fairly common.

The number of files, and time for scanning seems normal to me. Also, CAVS uses an incremental scan for safe files, which can massively reduce overall scanning time.


But I know I have more than around 100,000 files.

What do you mean, incremental scan for safe files - you mean it doesn’t scan files it thinks are safe? isn’t that a bit risky? shouldn’t it scan everything anyway incase it has been infected after being classified as safe?

hi agent 24,
i’m not an expert, but as far as i know
after you installed CAVS it will scan your computer and match the programs with CAVS safelist database, so when we’re doing on demand scan, CAVS scan for safe files and check for viruses, instead of lookin for viruses only (am i right ???) therefore it can reduce the scanning time.

so what if a known “safe” file is infected, will CAVS skip the scan???good point. never thought about it before. i’ll check this topic to see if a real expert can properly answer it.

hellooooooo experts, li’l help here

I have just noticed that when the on-access scanner is enabled I cannot compact and repair Microsoft Access databases. If I disable on-access scanner the compact and repair works fine. Excluding Microsoft Access from on-access scanning does not solve the problem - the only way I can get Access to work properly is by disabling on-access scan.

Windows XP SP2 up to date. Office 2000 professional.


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the topic title is too general though ;D
hi N.T.TW, agent24 here got problem about “incomplete CAVS scan”, could you help?


An incremental scan is where the file is only partially scanned, rather than fully scanned. Comodo verify files that are sent to them, and them add these to either a safe list or the malware database. Safe files are signed by Comodo, and if they were to be infected they would no longer be recognised as safe. In this case they would either be fully scanned and the malware detected or - if an unkown malware - you would get a HIPS alert from CAVS which you would also have the option of sending to Comodo for analysis, and allowing or blocking the file from executing.

As Comodo specialise in certificate verification they have the technology to sign the files that are in the safelist, so any changes will be recognised by CAVS.


Fair enough, but does this work say, for NTFS alternate data streams?

I’m not certain about NTFS data streams, so I’ve reported this to the other mods. One of them may be able to give you a better answer on this. You will receive an email saying your post was reported.