Bug Report Comodo Firewall Pro

The application behavuor analysis is messing up several things, spybot search and destroy, winrar, rootkit revealer, adaware se (only a little)… it also wont allow .exe files to be written to disk.

I use win2kpro+security reg reg tweaks+w/all updates+nod32 2.7+peer guardian 2


When you say that ABA is messing those applications up, could you be more specific?

ABA, if enabled, is only going to step in between an application (operating in opposition to the ABA settings) and the internet. It is not a HIPS application, to interfere with the regular operation of software on your system…

Thus, please provide some more details… :wink:



if a programme try to access network with considerable frequency and I forbid it, cmdagent.exe would use mostly cpu time.
openoffice.org 2.1 in windows XP sp2 and pentium3m 1G and


Can you run Process Explorer (from Sysinternals) and post a screenshot showing this occurring?

This will help provide necessary information to the development team.



anytime winrar or an installer tries to write an .exe file to disk, it aborts with an error.

spybot s&d gave error, spybot s&d has been modified since its installation, since spybot s&d does not modify itself, please scan for virus’s and malware immediately.

I also get windows file protection error.

nspack or upx will not compress files, nor will winzip or winrar, the files are archived, but no compression is applied.

if I uninstall cfp, everything works fine again. Last beta does not do this.

I’ve also gotten several bsod’s all at the same memory address in ntoskrnl @ VA 0x0844DCEE

I’ve looked in the mem dumps, I don’t see anything out of the oridinary.

I’ve also run a full av check with nod32, and clamav commandline scanner, spybot s&d, adaware se, and had a look at everything with rootkit unhooker and autoruns… everything seems normal so I don’t think I have any malware.


This sounds like something the development team will want to know, and they may help you get at some specific files to test things for them, to get to the root of the problem.

Will you post a ticket with Support, here: http://support.comodo.com/ explaining these details.

Keep us updated of their response/solution.


Ok, I will submite the ticket.

I have isolated it to the “Monitor inter process memory modifications” option. If I disable this, everything is A-ok.

Also, when you choose CUSTOM setup, the installer STILL does not remember ANY thing you do :slight_smile:

I have to rescan for known apps and set my zone again and the alert level after reboot.

I reported this bug before.

Also, the close buttons are still not showing in the connection window.

No, the close buttons are not there… Comodo has said they will return in version 2.5…

Okay on the specific ABA module; that’s good to know. If Support provides you with some more revealing info, you might post that back here to update.


Not I, said me. ;D

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I’ve had to uninstall it for now, the bsod’s are wearing on my hw.

I see rc2 too is released, maybe this issue is resolved now?