Bug (?): PowerDVD 8 and CIS 3

Hi there,

first - I like(d) CIS very much because of it’s advanced System Protection. But there is one Problem: When I try to start PowerDVD 8 Ultra (latest Build) it needs very long to start and If I press the “Play” Button it crashes (with the standard “send to microsoft” message).

After further investigation I noticed that the Audio-Tab in PowerDVD didn’t contain any selection (for example headset/2.1/3.1 etc). My Soundcart is a X-Fi Fatality Pro with latest drivers from Creative.

Putting CIS into learning mode (Defense +) didn’t solve anything, deleting the rules didnt’t help to. The only thing which was left was an uninstallation.

I think I’ll try KIS 2010 until CIS 4 fixes this problem :slight_smile:

Continue your good work on this very good product :slight_smile:



OK - fixed by excluding the powerdvd.exe from the Image Execution Settings.

I hope it will be fixed soon :slight_smile:



If buffer overflow protection is enabled this will happen. I have reported this many time and apparently it is still not fixed.

It seems that comodo thinks that there are almost no users with PowerDVD installed 88)