Bug of SYSTEM rule & Ask action [RESOLVED]

My COMODO firewall doesn’t work properly.(I have tried to diagnostic it and reBOOT)

It doesn’t apply my 2nd new rule of SYSTEM and stay with 1st new rule…
Besides, COMODO doesn’t take an ask action to me with 1st new rule.

The SYSTEM rule always stay with 1st new rule now even reBOOT.

COMODO version:, X32

AMD AthlonXP 1700+(32 bits)

512MB(256MB* 2)

WIN XP pro SP2 Traditional Chinese 32 bits + IE7 + DX9c

AntiVir PE v7
PeerGuardian 2 Alpha builds(051118)
DAEMOn tools lite v4.12.2
Returnil virtual system 2008 PE beta(disabled)

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It seems, there is no bug here. “System” in your rules and “Windows operating system” are different things.
Then for “Windows operating system” there is no ask action ever: it represents routed/applicationless traffic for which CFP will never ask.

Thanks for ur help. Now I know it! (R)

Thread will be closed now. If issue returns PM any online moderator to open.