Bug of CIS AV Scanner Settings: Add "File Groups" menu item which go?!

Add “File Groups” menu item which go?!


Open CIS→Antivirus→Common Tasks→Scanner Settings→Exclusions→Add Menu (like the picture), and I discovered that has been short one item, the “File Groups” Menu item!
I remembered beforehand CIS3 and when CIS4 Beta has this item of menu, could not find since the previous two CIS4 released version, like the picture shows, I have a file group “PG_NFSS”, was before when CIS3 inducted, might make the proof!
I want to add the new file group now, how actually doesn’t know to achieve, I have not wanted to revise the registry temporarily! Anticipates the CIS4 new edition the revision!

I am sorry my English so bad… ;D

Version: COMODO Internet Security 4.0.141842.828 Released