[BUG] No popup Firewall if the rule is ASK

Hi everyone,

I am using CIS 6.0.263380.2691 (RC for translator) and I noticed a problem, perhaps it is a bug.

If I create an application rule and this rule is “Ask”, it does not show any alerts popup for the connection that is part of that rule

I hope I was clear…

My configuration:

  • Windows 7 32bit
  • CIS 6.0.263380.2691 Italian
  • Firewall settings:
    a. Custom ruleset;
    b. Do NOT show popup alerts → Disabled
    c. Set alert frequency level → Very High


Can not confirm this on CIS v6.0.260739.2674 .

It would be helpful if you could provide a little more information please, as there are situations where, even with and ‘Ask’ rule, you may not get the alerts expected.

  1. What kind of rule does the application to which you assigned the ‘Ask’ have?
  2. Are you selecting ‘Remember my answer’ to any alerts received?

Attached a screen of the ruleset that give me problem… the ruleset is set to executable emule.exe in Application Rules

The same problem is for a ruleset named “Client torrent”, it is set to executable qbittorrent.exe

I imported my Proactive Configuration by CIS 5.10… but the issues arise the same even if I create everything from scratch…

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Probably and obvious question, but have you made sure you have one or more http trackers available, a great many are using UDP now.

On my system the port in question is now 81 (not 80 as your rule shows). Can you check this and see if the developers (of emule) changed the port? (Would explain why the rule is never fired and no log entry.)

What about bootstrapping nodes.dat?

Edit: That seems to generate the alert

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