[BUG]: No events recorded when set to show allow?

Go to Firewall/View Firewall Events/More, set logging (shows a blank space by default, another bug?) to Action/filter By Action/Allowed, no events are recorded for applications accessing the Net.

I can confirm that I am seeing all blocked events there. Outgoing and incomming to my private IP before I let ICMP in from router.

Toggie, don’t mind me asking an obvious question, but do you have any rules created or predefined to log allowed events? I know by default CFP 3 only log blocking rules.

Oh I see. Can’t find a way to record all outgoing traffic here either. Not many rules set up yet but broswer and a couple others. Not that I want to personally. :slight_smile:

Hi Soya, I altered the predefined rules for the browser and told it log on everything, but it still wasn’t capturing. However, I reinstalled overnight and it seems to be capturing some events.


I also had a strange issue with the active log no pulling up any events (the first screen, not the second where you click More) yesterday, but today I boot up the pc and it’s back to normal. Another mystery :-.