bug in the FW

Hi every1 , I hope you are having a fine time

let’s get to the point ,

every time I receive an incoming connection, the FW alerts me for the same application even though if I had answer the alert to remember my answer. :-\

the configuration is stock but of course I used the stealth port to alert me for incoming connection , otherwise I wouldn’t have them in the first place , !

the only way to stop those alerts is by answering the alert with " treat as trusted application "
otherwise it will just endlessly pop with the same alert.Of course , there are a lot or work around for the issue but the bug will still be a bit annoying , ???

regards , knk2006

you should ask yourself first, why something from the internet should be able to connect to your computer without your interaction.
i guess that these “same questions” are not the same each time. maybe its about tcp or udp or another adress or another port each time, ect.
comodo firewall needs just rules for OUTgoing requests, because you will get the sent back answer then too.

if you want to run a program in the internet, dont use trusted rule. just say: allow tcp+udp outgoing for this application. only outgoing. (this will make it run for sure)

if you run a server, it might need other rules. but an usual user doesnt need ingoing rules. and when everything is running, you should disable questions for ingoing connections. why should you read them?

i have never allowed, or even needed to read a single question for incoming connections. dont care about them.
there is no bug in my eyes. look close on what is been asked.
i use this firewall for 3 years now.

thanks clockwork for your reply

here how I worked it out , I didn’t use the stealth port wizard , I went to global rules and allowed the incoming connection for TCP+UDP for a specific port tht I used in p2p

then I went to the applications rules and did the same ( specifying only the port that I use in sharing ) ,

doing that avoided me from answering to system incoming connections and svchost and it’s also simple :frowning:

thanks again for enlightening my head

best wishes , knk2006

You should not have had to do that. Getting another popup after you have allowed one telling CIS to remember the answer should not happen in the normal configuration. If you have the Firewall in Safe mode, when you allow the connection from the popup, a rule will be created for the app allowing connections from any IP to any IP and for all protocols. Safe applications will be allowed to establish all outgoing connections with no alerts. If you have the Firewall in Custom Policy mode, it will alert for every connection for every program from every IP and to every different port and for each protocol. It’s up to you which mode you want to employ. Personally, I would only use Safe Mode. It creates far less hassles and problems.