Bug in the Application Monitor


It is not first time and just very annoying thing, so i decided to write
about it.

From time to time regularly “Application Monitor” just ignores some
existing rules. Firewall is in “learning mode” and asks again. If you
click to create a rule, then a new rule will be created. A new, but
completely similar to existing one. Then if you go to the rules list
and click on one of them, firewall now find that they are similar and
collapse them to one. But, after some time the same procedure
happens again…

Sometimes another unpleasant thing is happen. You just have deleted a
rule that has previously completely blocked all connections for an
application. Firewall will continue to block all connections without
asking you anything. It will also not help if you create a new rule that allows
all connections. Temporary turning “Application Monitor” completely off and on
also do not help. Only reboot helps.

What the hell is going on? “Application Monitor” is going crazy or what?

Same here. Such an excellent program, it is a shame to have this annoyance pop up so frequently, & have to go in to fix the same settings so regularly.

Even if it can’t be fixed so easily, the wording of one or two variations of the message could be improved. It is doubtful that the current keywords convey much to either novice or expert, except by guesswork. Why not replace the words “parent application” or “COM/OLE” with “interapplication communication” & change the sentence accordingly to match the posting at https://forums.comodo.com/faq_for_comodo_firewall/i_keep_receiving_comole_automation_alerts-t9521.0.html. Then at least most experts will know what exactly is going on, & novices can probably guess fairly well.

Again, excellent program, & free besides. Thanks to the authors, & to all concerned.