Bug in security policies implementation?

It is basically not a bug but IMO wrong implementation of a feature. Again IMO only.

Currently in predefined security policies when i mark an application, say ABC.exe, as trusted,
its policy is shown as trusted in defence plus Computer Secuiy Policy. Now if example.exe wants to execute another application, XYZ.exe, I get an alert. I allow it and make a rule via remember this option. Now if I go to Computer Secuiy Policy I find ABC.exe marked as Custom Policy. That is wrong and rather confusing IMO. Here Comodo should show it as Modified Trusted Application as primarily this application is trusted( it is allowed to do all actions except custom allwed/ block rules for execution). It may be rare for an application not to execute any other application, hence even if u mark most of executables trusted, the policy for them is tagged as Custom by CFP after u make cutom rules for execution by these trsuted applications.

Also in Computer Security Policy there should be differnet colors for applications marked with different policies, ike green for trusted, light green modified Trusted, red for Isolated, yellow for Limited, blue for System etc.