Bug in CPF


unfortunately, if a network rule is to be “moved up” or “moved down” in the network rules, the focus shifts to a random rule after some steps of moving. So it is impossible to easily move, let’s say, a new rule to the top. Because the focus on the rule, that is to be moved, will get lost. And on the next click “move up” some random rule will be moved up.

It is also possible, that a rule that has been moved up some steps, on the next move gets warped back to the starting position.

This happens all the time, it seems, when the amount of network rules exeeds the window size. After each step the window scrolls back to Position one (instead of staying focused on the rule that is to be moved up step-wise).

Thanks, F.
(Windows XP Pro with SP 2, all Updates installed)

Hi zernelfim

To be honest, I’m not sure I understand the problem here. Are you saying that rules in Network Monitor, randomly move?


zernelfim means that when moving a network rule up/down, right afterwards, CFP strangely focuses on some other network rule other than the one that was just moved. However, I’ve never encountered this issue. But then I only have 4 rules, which isn’t enough to cover more than the entire window if that’s what you think is causing this.


if I want to move a rule from the bottom to the top. All in all say there’s 20 rules (more rules, than fit in the network rules window, and theres a scroll bar on the right side). Then I click on the rule at the bottom. The line gets a blueish color. Now I click on “move up”. With this stepof moving something else happens: The list scrolls instantly back to the top. I keep klicking “move up”, though I can not see the rule, that is (should be focused). I ought to expect, that it stays in focus. But the rule, that finally comes up, is a random one. Thats one part of the problem. Other one is, that if I want to move a rule up 10 steps, it might work for 6 klicks, but on the very 7th klick, it moves back to the starting position. That seems odd to me. Has anyone else experienced this? What to do about i.

If you try around a little with this, it should be easy to get the problem (provided you have more rules, than fit in the window, the problem seems to be connected to this).

While working a lot with the network rules this is a difficult behaviour (It would also be comfortable, beeing able to drag and drop the rules).

Is this an issue between my setup and CPF? I don’t run many processes or special stuff, would surprise me. Maybe it’s because of an upgrade rather than an uninstall/new install? (Althoungh I can’t remeber for sure if I did that). Process list enclosed.