BUG in cfp.exe v5.3x Please help...

I have some https pages set on “ask” in the firewall, and experience problems with new COMODO v5.3. When I start browser (Firefox/Opera) with https page set in firewall for “ask” I’m prompted to allow to load page… I’ll click ‘yes’ then all others https pages set on “ask” are loaded automatically not asking for permission anymore!!! When I click ‘no’ then all secure pages set on “ask” are blocked and restart browser is needed.

I have met this problem with some earlier versions of COMODO but version 5.0 worked perfect, at least for me.
Exactly error is caused by “cfp.exe” v5.3, I know that because I did a lot of checking… if I copy “cfp.exe” version 5.3 into COMODO folder with installed version 5.0 the same problem has occuring, I did more testing and I’m absolutely sure that “cfp.exe” v5.3 is in some ways faulty!

Any help or advice?


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