[BUG] Game incompatible with Comodo


I just wanted today to play NFS Porsche and my Comodo’s Defence+ was set to “Train with Safe Mode”. It gave some prompts and then while the game was loading it gave another one that porsche.cid is trying to access the screen. I tried to click allow but the screen frezzed and the game also. All I was seeing was a black screen and the Comodo warning which I couldn’t click. :frowning: I tried to end the game, to launch Task Manager but nothing worked. I finally pushed the Reste button…

This may happen with every game I presume.
Then I set Comodo to “Clean PC mode” and I received only 2 prompts and the game finally loaded, but suddenly crashed while playing… I was able to reproduce this 2 times. With Comodo disabled the game doesn’t crash.

Can you look into this ? You may try with some other games perhaps…


Do you think you could include this:

  1. CPU (32 bit or 64 bit)
  2. Operating System information (including Service Pack Version)
  3. Actively-running security and utility applications (in case one of them interfere with CFP)


I have a 32 bit CPU, Windows XP SP2, and running Avira AntiVir.

Make sure you give the porsche.cid file the necessary rights before you start the game. Either make it a trusted program or at least give it the right to access the keyboard. Not giving it the right to access the keyboard can leave your system (almost) complety stuck when starting a game.

Now, I gave full acess to it, but I think it would have been normal for my computer not to freeze at this point. It should like any other program wait for Comodo to let it run properly.