BUG? fwall with learnmode shutdown stops apps starting v2.4


is this a bug or my fail. if shutdown firewall and have the learning mode on it prevens applications to start.

(i have not stored the apps before in the app- list)


What sort of apps? Can you launch Notepad for example from the Start → All Programs menu if you shutdown the firewall?


well firefox wont start, iexplorer sometimes start due it shouldnt, notepad runs.

i thought comodo blocks in off mode all ( kernel localhost) but problem is windows nt is built on using kernel localhost even for intern communication of whole os.

so is my silly guess is, nt is unuseable with comodo offline?

or at least unsure its doing, so might there a switch to turn of comodo as a service and if legacy driver are they can be stopped?

im sorry i didnt test more apps will run or not, but i think we think the same


PS: now you ask why stop all comodo driver if just stop learnmode will do it, i did a post of not working dhcp mode until comodo shutdown and restart, even with learnmode off.

i think its a driver problem, but to have most secure while bootup its ok, but when comodo firewall icon initiates, comodo should make a full unload reload of all its drivers and go back work mode.

hence windows is full of bugs …

and im no expert, so you might say in that time comodo resets wrong software takes through,

i heard one time theres a cpu halt control so comodo wouldnt loose control.

i wouldnt rewrite comodo now totally just make this step …

blah :slight_smile:

When you say you “shutdown” CFP 2.4, what steps are you taking?



well i stop manually learnmode, and then i click taskbar- icon and exit it.

so i think disable learnmode stops legacy drivers, and taskbar- icon stops network control.

(i really just assume with silly tests :slight_smile:



And you’re using version 2.4 of the firewall? Can you post a screenshot of the “learnmode” you are referring to?




this seems the mainswitch of comodo except networking monitor.

if set there NO (nein) all is off.


ps: worpad doc with only snapshot, due here is a laptop, Avira virfree

[attachment deleted by admin]


The screenshot is of Application Monitor. The only control options there are either that it is On or Off. This is where the individual rules for how each application is allowed (or blocked) to establish connections.

Network Monitor controls how traffic is allowed to flow in or out of your computer. These two work together as part of Comodo’s layered security.

There is an explanation of this layered security in this thread:
you may find it helpful.



i understand, try that way, use that switch to on, and go top level of gui showing which monitors are on.

then go back and switch to off, and return to main gui.

i just told you so ones dont need switch 3 things off each then with this click all 3 are off,
i think we mean the same :slight_smile:


PS: you want me say if i additionally disable network monitor kernel driver is unlaoded (service) ?

means, apps learnmode off + network monitor off + close systray- icon === total unlaod?


If you disable the drivers or services for the FW, you may have some problems wherein everything is blocked. CFP does not take very well to being terminated in that fashion (as a self-defense mechanism).

If you want to disable the firewall temporarily (as for testing), simply change the Security Level to Allow All. This can be done from the systray icon. There is no need to disable any of the Monitors first.

You may alternately select “Exit” from the systray icon’s right-click menu to close the user-end of the firewall. This only shuts down CPF.exe, which runs the GUI for the user to interact with the firewall.

cmdagent.exe, the service and drivers are all part of the firewall core; attempting to shut those down may cause problems, as stated before.


a silly idea:

as i had windows i did remark what an insane it is to start os structures alphabetical.

however nothing changed and we live with windows.

so my little guess, would it be possible to “rename” comodo services like z!comodo so it surely well loads at very past and thereof many problems would be solved. os would be up and run stable.

same also for gui. i know z!comodo is not a charming naming,

but on desktop icon it would say still comodo firewall for the pretty users as in interface.

i mean before that only load trusted things awared of virus- scanner.

just a idea, sorry its offtopic might here

and for the windows autologon (login screen while boot windows which also does a auto local or wan login) , dear comodos look if can stop that service with a windows built in service, so just full booted ready os begins netautologons.

its not a really problem of a firewall, then an old trace of windows in times ya even dont needed a password in world wide net


As I understand it from some of the Comodo development team, Load Order is entirely a “free for all” - there’s no “order” to it. First-come, first-served basis only.

Thus, I don’t know that renaming the executable or driver would make any difference. The GUI (cpf.exe) is generally one of the last things to load, in my experience; it just seems to take longer for it anyway.